Terms of Use

These terms of use regulate the interaction between Levy & Salomão Advogados and the individual who access the website https://www.levysalomao.com.br ("User").

1. Content

The website contains information from Levy & Salomão Advogados and its lawyers, as well as articles, bulletins and newsletters, news, links to external websites and images ("Content").

The information of Levy & Salomão Advogados and its attorneys is made available for viewing on the website and shall not be processed by the User without written authorization or legitimate interest related to the hiring of legal services or professional communication.

The articles and bulletins represent the professional opinion of their authors on a given subject at the time of their publication and should be interpreted according to the date of their preparation. They do not constitute legal advice or legal opinion and should not be applied to factual situations without the proper formal advice of Levy & Salomão Advogados.

The news contains the narration of facts, which may or may not contain the opinion of Levy & Salomão Advogados, or the communication about events that will be held. The events may be altered or cancelled by Levy & Salomão Advogados without prior updating of the website. The news should be interpreted according to the same definitions established for the articles and bulletins.

Links to external websites are made available as a convenience to the User. Levy & Salomão Advogados is not responsible for its content.

The images are intended to illustrate the information transmitted through the website and make it more pleasant and interactive for the User. Its reproduction, in whole or in part, is prohibited, unless expressly authorized by Levy & Salomão Advogados or its author, when indicated. Public images will be duly identified.

2. Intellectual Property

Levy & Salomão Advogados owns the intellectual property rights over all the Content, except when it is owned by third parties who have agreed to its specific reproduction on the website or when they are in the public domain.

The goal of the Content is to inform the User, and should not be used in any other way, unless expressly authorized by Levy & Salomão Advogados. The lawful use of the Content by the User strictly comprises the reading and visualization on the website. Specifically in the case of articles and bulletins, the lawful use also comprises (i) download and storage; (ii) printing; (iii) physical or digital sharing, provided that it mentions the website and is not intended for commercial purposes; and (iv) citation with the proper indication of authorship and where it can be accessed, in accordance with official reference rules (ABNT).

3. Privacy Policy

Levy & Salomão Advogados has a Privacy Policy that regulates the processing of Users’ personal data.

4. Levy & Salomão Advogados' Liability

Levy & Salomão Advogados shall not be liable for any damage that may occur to the User during the interaction with the website.

5. User Liability

The User undertakes to strictly follow these Terms of Use and acknowledges their liability in case of a causal link between any damage caused to Levy & Salomão Advogados due to non-compliance with these Terms of Use.

6. Applicable Law and Dispute Resolution

The legislation of the Federative Republic of Brazil will apply to any disputes arousing out of these Terms of Use, which shall be submitted to the jurisdiction of the Courts of the City of São Paulo district, State of São Paulo.

Restrictive policy regarding rankings

We do not participate in or supply information to rankings of law firms requiring disclosure of confidential client data. We also do not pay for editorial or marketing space. This may lead to omission or distortion of information regarding our activities in such publications. Visiting our website is the best means of obtaining information on our practice.
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