A major alignment creates space for new investment flows into the oil & gas industry in Brazil. Petrobras has confirmed it will focus on E&P particularly in the pre-salt and plans to implement an ambitious program of asset sales in the downstream and natural gas markets. This is in line with the new government’s intention to reduce state meddling in economic activities.

On this issue | March 2019

New steps into deregulating Brazil’s natural gas industry

Deregulating the natural gas industry

Recent developments should lead to structural changes in the natural gas industry by increasing competition through the entry of new players. However, the lack of answers to some important questions could have an opposite effect and result in...

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Welcome changes in downstream markets – and the risk of intervention by antitrust authorities

Changes and risks in downstream markets

Petrobras’ plans to sell refineries should enhance competition in the downstream market and create investment opportunities. However, the good news may be hampered by initiatives taken by Brazil’s antitrust authority CADE, which might result...

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Transfer of rights over pre-salt oil fields opens new opportunities

Advancing on transfer of rights on pre-salt

A new framework being designed to end a long deadlock between the Federal Government and Petrobras regarding the “cessão onerosa” over pre-salt layer oil fields may create a welcoming environment for foreign investment and an opportunity for...

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Legal certainty and investments in the brazilian oil and gas industry

The need for legal certainty in Oil & Gas

Three cases pending decision by Brazil’s highest courts are bound to have an impact on investment decisions in the oil and natural gas industries. The decisions will affect the sale of state-owned assets and the end of vertical integration in...

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