As technology shapes a different financial environment, we discuss plans and new rules for introduction of Open Banking in Brazil, current regulation on payment services and the need for evolution and how regulation on fintechs already offers investment opportunities in the country.

On this issue | May 2019

Open Banking and Banking Secrecy in Brazil

Open Banking, secrecy and consent

The Central Bank is planning to implement an Open Banking model that is likely to speed up integration among institutions. The underlying concept of sharing data, products and services among institutions raises concerns about banking secrecy....

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Fintechs in Brazil:  new investment opportunities for foreigners as a regulatory framework develops

Fintech as opportunity for foreign investment

There were 450 fintechs operating in Brazil by the end of 2018, and the number is growing. As a result, authorities are trying to create a regulatory environment that fosters innovation, protects consumers and grants surveillance. In the meanwhile,...

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Regulatory Sandbox in the Brazilian Payment System: a Logical Next Step

Time for experiments in the payment system

As it is happening worldwide, the use of electronic payment instruments is increasing in Brazil. Emerging technologies that transform the way people make payments lead to a necessary change in regulation. A regulatory sandbox that allows live...

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Current Regulation of Brazilian Payment System has been working but needs to evolve

Opportunities in the payment system

The regulation of the Brazilian payments system has resulted into a more competitive and technological industry. As opposed to financial institutions, payment institutions and scheme settlors with foreign capital do not need a presidential authorization...

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