The Digital Era has changed several features of the contemporary world, especially in the way people communicate and access information through the media and the internet. In this issue, LS Brazil Outlook addresses the impact of some of those changes in the legal environment and vice-versa.

Two upcoming trials before the Brazilian Supreme Court are highlighted. It is expected that they settle important boundaries about the right to information and freedom of expression. These constitutional principles are also the core of the article on documentaries. Finally, we analyse the taxation uncertainties related to Video on Demand (VoD) services, which has been a hot topic in Brazil.

On this issue | February 2020

Documentaries: a rising market in Brazil

Documentaries and privacy protection

The documentary industry is booming in Brazil as streaming platforms engage in content production targeted to local viewers. The legal framework grants legal certainty and courts favor freedom of expression. However, producers must be aware...

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Brazilian internet law safe-harbor provisions at risk

Application providers and users at risk

An upcoming decision by the Brazilian Supreme Court will be crucial to define how internet application providers do business in the country. The case involves legal so-called safe-harbor provisions that protect such providers from the consequences...

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Uncertainties in VoD taxation in Brazil

Uncertainties in VoD taxation in Brazil

Video on Demand expansion in Brazil exposed deficiencies and uncertainties in the domestic taxation of audiovisual services. Understanding this complex issue is important for players willing to remain relevant or to enter the Brazilian audiovisual...

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“Vaza Jato”: The Brazilian Pentagon Papers' case

The Brazilian Pentagon Papers

Supreme Court will have an opportunity to reaffirm the strength of Brazil’s democracy while settling the boundaries of the right to information and the freedom of expression on “Vaza Jato”, a case related to the leak of Telegram conversations,...

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