Even before the current crisis, Labor Law has been changing rapidly in many countries as traditional employment relationships are replaced by negotiation, acqui-hiring initiatives and service platforms. In this issue, we discuss how Brazil is following this trend.

On this issue | April 2020

Labor relations and competition law: trends and concerns

Competition law & labor relations

Labor relations are increasingly subject to antitrust scrutiny in important jurisdictions, as traditional labor contracts that are historically protected from competition law give place to flexible arrangements. In Brazil, businesses willing...

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Acquihiring: costs and benefits of hiring workers by corporate acquisition

Hiring through corporate acquisitions

Acquihiring - corporate acquisitions where the primary objective is to hire talents rather than to acquire assets or projects - tends to contribute to change the hiring process in Brazil.

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Transactional Labor Law as a tool to maintain job opportunities

Transactional Labor Law helps keep jobs

Labor law in Brazil has historically been (over)protective of workers. Gradually, transactional labor law become an accepted tool for the development of businesses and maintenance of job opportunities, meeting the needs of the modern society.

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Regulating work in the gig economy in Brazil

Regulating work in the gig economy

In Brazil, strict employment relations that impose non-negotiable rights and payments increase employment-related costs by up to 70%. The significant rise in the number of individuals working on-demand and connected by apps has brought the need...

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