Legal changes introduced in September and October are expected to improve the business environment in Brazil. They have brought more legal certainty for investment funds and private contracts as well as reduced risks in telecom projects and formalities in labor relations.

On this issue | October 2019

Changes in telecom law should unlock investments

Unlocking investments in telecom

New legislation allows telecom companies with concession contracts to operate for an undefined period and without the risk of having their assets reverted to the Federal Government. The changes should eliminate uncertainty and unlock investments...

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Increased Legal Certainty for Investment Funds in Brazil

More certainty for investment funds

A new law brings Brazil into line with international standards for investment funds as it limits liability for investors and service providers and separates assets into different classes of shares. Cost reduction and foster interest in the industry...

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Labor impacts of the Economic Freedom Act

Some improvements to labor legislation

The Economic Freedom Act brought fewer than expected changes to the labor legislation as a result of much criticism and opposition on the part of unions and civil society. Even so, some alterations add to previous innovations which were aimed...

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September has brought more clarity on the interpretation of private agreements

Greater clarity for private contracts

Amendments made to the Civil Code have laid out objective criteria on interpretation of private contracts. The changes should reduce the courts’ leeway to apply open-ended legal principles in a way that negates the actual language of the contract.

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