Recent legal changes have created new investment possibilities in infrastructure and even better prospects for private equity in the country. As for outbound investments, time has come for foreign securities to be offered in Brazil, and foreign advisors are to be allowed in.

On this issue | June 2019

Capital markets to become instruments for investing in Brazilian infrastructure projects

Opportunities in infrastructure financing

Capital markets may play a central role in financing new infrastructure projects in Brazil thanks to new rules in the regulatory framework for investment funds. The current economic policy that favors less subsidized loans also influences the...

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Friendly environment for the Private Equity industry in Brazil

Better environment for Private Equity

Recent changes in legislation are making private equity and venture capital industry even more attractive in Brazil. Among them, the possibility of investment funds to be organized with limited liability. This and other changes are likely to...

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An opportunity to offer foreign securities to the Brazilian market

Road to offer foreign securities to Brazilians

There is an increasing interest by Brazilians in opportunities to invest abroad. Issuers willing to enter this market must overcome regulatory challenges related to marketing and distributing foreign securities in the country.

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Foreign securities advisors to be allowed to operate in Brazil

Foreign advisors will be welcome

The Brazilian Securities Commission plans to allow foreign securities advisors to provide services to Brazilian investors. Changes should benefit domestic investors and generate opportunities for foreign operators.

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