New opportunities in Brazil’s capital markets

Delay in voting substantial reforms, such as the pension system in Congress, may give the impression that the country has stopped. However, Brazil’s current administration has been actively trying to improve the business environment by implementing changes at lower levels, thus creating new inward investment opportunities. In the opposite direction, lower interest rates in the country are causing Brazilians to search for investments abroad.

In the June 2019 L&S Brazil Outlook, members of the Capital Market area of Levy & Salomão Advogados discuss aspects of Brazilian inbound and outbound investment opportunities and trends created by recent changes.

Daniel Tardelli Pessoa and Rodrigo Dias examine how capital markets may have become relevant for infrastructure projects in Brazil.

Isaac Cattan and I explore new advantages of investing in the country through private equity investments funds.

Allan Nascimento Turano and I explain how it is possible for foreign issuers to reach Brazilian Investors.

Finally, Júlio César Ferro and I discuss the imminent opening of the Brazilian market for foreign securities advisors.

Enjoy your reading.

L&S Authors

Fernando de Azevedo Peraçoli

Fernando de Azevedo Peraçoli


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