Environment under the spotlight: reconciling protection and progress


Controversial public policies on matters affecting the environment are placing Brazil as a central character in the environmental stage, raising new concerns and opportunities for businesses carrying out activities in the country. This January edition of LS Brazil Outlook offers our views and proposals on three matters of great relevance, all relating to the crossroads between the environment, law and public policy.

The starting point is the discussion on solutions available to salvage the Amazon Fund, one of the most important sources of financing for the preservation of the planet’s largest rainforest. Remediation of environmental damages is also at stake. Thus, our second article identifies the difficulties in reaching out-of-court environmental settlements in Brazil and definite resolution of the underlying liabilities and impacts, with suggestions to improve the framework for settlement and thus avoid the invariably lengthy and costly path of litigation. Finally, we draw attention to the modernization of the energy market in Brazil, which is connected to the adoption of renewable sources and more environmental-comprehensive foundations.

The environmental agenda is and will increasingly be a trending matter during the times to come. Enjoy your reading.

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