Beyond the crisis: reasons for optimism?


Brazil is going through turbulent times, as a dispute opposing President Bolsonaro’s administration to the country’s Supreme Court has compounded the severe impact of the epidemic crisis on individuals and businesses.This edition of LS Brazil Outlook discusses this conflagrated scenario, but also comments on recent developments that allow for cautious optimism in relation to the post-pandemic.

LS Brasília team discusses the clash between key figures of the Bolsonaro administration and the Supreme Court around investigations which potentially implicate two of the President's sons. A second article comments on the need for a comprehensive administrative reform and how the health crisis made even more evident distortions that must be addressed in this area.

Guest author Guilherme Farhat Ferraz, of government relations consultancy Semprel, offers his view on recent moves of the Federal Government towards building a strong support in the Congress and on the resulting reasons for optimism regarding the economy.

Finally, our tax team discusses two important deals reached last month between the Federal and local Governments regarding compensation for tax incentives created in the 1990s and distribution of Federal funds to combat the Covid-19 crisis, respectively.

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