Sanitation and 5G: Brazil seeks investments


The deficit in water and sewage services in Brazil is a shameful feature of the country, one which largely owes to legal uncertainty and complexity. Brazilian Congress has recently approved a comprehensive and ambitious new legal framework for basic sanitation, which will now take effect following sanction by President Jair Bolsonaro.

There are reasons to believe that this time progress will be lasting, as discussed in this edition of Brazil Outlook. Guest author Mauricio Luduvice, of MKM Consultoria Ambiental, draws from his experience as former CEO of state sanitation company CAESB to comment on the practical challenges ahead. Marcos Malvar depicts the main elements of the new rules, while Isaac Cattan discusses paths investors may adopt in structuring their ventures so as to benefit from the possibilities the new legal framework opens up.

Finally, Alexandre Faraco and Larissa Machado discuss the hurdles and prospects concerning the much awaited 5G auction.


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